uShaka Moyo Pier


This popular Durban restaurant is situated at the end of a pier 140m out to sea. in the advent of abnormally high seas or a storm surge, the building is constructed in a way that the entire lower tier can detach from its steel framework without damaging the primary pier structure. Being only 3m wide, access to the pier during construction was very limited. This, coupled with the tough environmental regulations on the site (no wet work, painting or ‘dirty’ construction methods were allowed) meant that steel was the only building material that could be used. The structure and building components used were light-weight and prefabricated to fit onto small vehicles which could transport them to the end of the pier for assembly.

Limited edition 1/100 print, 200mm x 200mm
Giclee print on 200gsm, Archival Matt

* each print includes a bespoke sticker story (to be placed on the back of a frame), the contents of this prints story can be seen above.

300mm x 300mm Aluminium Box Frame with artwork float mounted and centred

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No Frame, Black Aluminium