Northcliff Water Tower


Northcliff Ridge is Johannesburg’s second highest koppie at around 1 807 metres. The distinctive water tower, a Johannesburg landmark was built in 1939. During construction, archaeologists found Stone Age artifacts dating back over 250 000 years, implying that human settlers had most likely lived there many years ago.

The hill on which Northcliff water tower is situated, was formally known as ‘Vulture Hill’ or ‘Aasvoelkop’. This name arouse from before the railway reached Johannesburg, up to a thousand wagons at a time were on route to cross the Vaal River, at Viljoensdrift. Drought stricken oxen that were left on the road which rose over the hill and thousands of vultures gathered to feed on them. The vultures could be seen from miles away giving the hill this infamous name.

Limited edition 1/100 print, 200mm x 200mm
Giclee print on 200gsm, Archival Matt

* each print includes a bespoke sticker story (to be placed on the back of a frame), the contents of this prints story can be seen above.

300mm x 300mm Aluminium Box Frame with artwork float mounted and centred

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