Johannesburg sits on the edge of the world’s largest known gold deposit – the Witwatersrand Basin, once the site of a massive inland sea. Two billion years ago, a giant meteor struck the earth at Vredefort, about 120km south-west of Joburg. The impact buried the gold deposits km’s below ground, protecting the gold from erosion and making for the deepest-level goldmines in the world. Gold was discovered in the Johannesburg area in 1886, after which the area grew rapidly into a bustling town.

Johannesburg’s early town planners had intended for the city to be a ‘whites only’ settlement. Apartheid land policies pushed the majority of the city’s black population into townships more than 20km away. These settlements were collectively given the name Soweto (South-Western Townships). Over time the mines have depleted, being replaced with tree filled suburbs. Johannesburg is now reputed to have more trees than any other city in the world (6 million).

Limited edition 1/100 print, 200mm x 200mm
Giclee print on 200gsm, Archival Matt

* each print includes a bespoke sticker story (to be placed on the back of a frame), the contents of this prints story can be seen above.

300mm x 300mm Aluminium Box Frame with artwork float mounted and centred

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