Green Point Lighthouse


First ‘lit’ on the 12th of April 1824, the Green Point Lighthouse is the oldest operational lighthouse in South Africa. Originally using single wick Argand lamps and sperm whale oil as fuel, the light from the tower could be seen 6 nautical miles (11km) from land. The buildings infamous fog horn was installed in 1926, 3 years before the lighthouse was electrified. The current setup flashes a bright white light every 10 seconds and can be seen from up to 22 nautical miles (40km) out to sea. D M Stewart, the serving senior light-keeper of the time, famously stopped the then-rotating lens of the lighthouse to help provide light for the rescue operations of the ‘S.A. Seafearer’- a ship than ran aground on 1 July 1966.

Limited edition 1/100 print, 200mm x 200mm
Giclee print on 200gsm, Archival Matt

* each print includes a bespoke sticker story (to be placed on the back of a frame), the contents of this prints story can be seen above.

300mm x 300mm Aluminium Box Frame with artwork float mounted and centred

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